Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Month of Thanks

So, a lot of my facebook friends are posting something they're thankful for each day in November. I consider myself a generally positive, grateful person. But, my focus will be a bit different this year. This past year has brought tremendous changes to me and my family. I am so grateful for the changes! Hard does not even cover it, but it has been worth it. I've emerged with a clear picture of who I am.

But I digress...

Today I am grateful for the moment when I tuck my kids into bed and ask them what their favorite thing about the day was.

National Adoption Month

I love this! It addresses something that's been nagging at me for the last couple of months. Everytime I make a mistake - whether personal, parenting, or cooking fiasco - I doubt my ability to be a good mamma to children other than my own. We are still 6 months or so away from starting our foster to adoption journey, but I'm already mentally gearing up for it. I'm not sure if that's an entirely good thing...

This one helps ease my mind a bit:

Happy National Adoption Awareness Month!