Monday, May 28, 2012

Evil Charlotte

Katie has an imagination on steroids. She has an entire posse of "imagination friends" and enemies. Her BIFF (best imaginary friend forever) is Emma. However, Butterfly, Strawberry, Rainbow, Blueberry and Apple Dumplin are frequent visitors. Her arch enemy is Charlotte. According to Katie, she is evil. The other day she was telling me just how evil she is.

Katie: Charlotte is NOT a child of God.
Me: Oh yeah....
Katie: Yes. She is a child of....who's that bad guy that doesn't like Jesus?
Me: Satan?
Katie Yes. Charlotte is a child of Satan.

I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff, but it makes life interesting!

Coming Changes

As the summer approaches, our family is gearing up for fun in the sun! We are also getting ready to foster-to-adopt. My niece, Jessica, has gone through the process and eloquently documented it on her blog. It's something I have been considering for over a year, and the Hubby and I feel that now is the right time to add to our family. We're excited about who will be coming to join our family and I'll be giving occasional updates. Stay tuned....

Summer's Coming!

For this summer vacation, I'm trying something new. I always try to have a somewhat regular schedule that includes chores, reading, and projects, but this year I want to focus each week around a theme. My kids are old enough now to do independent, somewhat self-directed projects and Pinterest is filled with ideas to keep them busy. I just like the challenge of finding specific activities to support learning.
I came up with more themes than weeks of summer vacation, so I printed them out on fun paper, cut them into strips and placed them in a jar. Each week one of the kids will choose the theme for the week.


Wild, Wild West
Under the Sea
Jungle Adventures
Don't Bug Me!
We Are Family
Weird Science
Under the Big Top
Fan of the Farm
Sports Camp
Ninjas & Princesses
Countries of the World
Real Life Heroes
Fairytales, Myths & Legends
Money Matters
All About Me!
Lego Mania
Night Wonders
Famous Discoverers
Super Cool Scientists
Good Eats
Music, Music
Seasonally Speaking
Unicorns & Dragons
The Great Outdoors
Deep in the Heart of Texas

The kids were so excited to start, they wanted to pick today. So, this week we will be exploring Night Wonders