Thursday, November 14, 2013

Open Adoption

Yesterday our family increased by one. But, also opened the door to loving a new family. Little Man A is now officially apart of our forever family. His two sweet aunties are too. 

Trying to write the feelings of my heart is difficult for me. This experience has been complex and filled with emotions I didn't even know existed. Someday I may be able to sort it out and write it down. But for now, it's coming out a piece at a time. 

I had never witnessed true selflessness until mediation day. I watched someone who truly loved Little A give him the very best option to keep him safe. She didn't really know the type of family she was giving him too. She didn't know if they would shut the door on her as soon as the adoption was finalized. But, she took the leap of faith. 

And I am so, so grateful to have the honor of knowing her and raising her amazing nephew. Thank you Alicia. 

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